A girl suffers from a rare disease and a life-changing surgery

Exclusive translation: A 13-year-old Pakistani teenager risked her life and underwent what has been described as the “most dangerous” operation on her neck, after suffering for years.

And the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, published more details about the condition of the Pakistani girl Afshin, and her suffering since she was eight months old, from a muscle disorder known as “Atlantic Rotational Dislocation”, which caused twisting and bending in her neck, at an angle of 90 degrees.

As a result, Afshin was struggling to eat, walk and use the toilet, and she was not able to go to school, the newspaper reported.

In the face of Afshin’s suffering, who was unable to keep her head upright, her family had to take one of two options, either keeping her in this position for life, or performing the operation, which was described as having a success rate of no more than 50%.

Last week, Afshin underwent the surgery at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, at a cost of 34,000 dollars, which was collected through donations via the Internet, accompanied by her brother, and now the Pakistani girl is recovering in intensive care after the operation was successful.

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