Alan Wake 2: Official Release Date, Plot, and Platforms Revealed – October 28 Launch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

2023-08-18 06:44:06 The psychological survival horror game “Alan Wake 2” (Alan Wake 2) developed by Remedy Entertainment announced earlier that the game will be postponed for 10 days to October 28, Taiwan time. Other games have been postponed due to delays in development. Alan Wake 2 has been postponed a bit in order to “stagger … Read more

“Suicide Commando: Victory over the Justice League” game release postponed again due to poor Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“Suicide Commando: Victory over the Justice League” released a demonstration video of multiplayer cooperative gameplay at the “State of Play” event in February, but players are not satisfied with the service forms such as battle passes full of decorations in the game, as well as single-player games. Having to connect was frustrating, and the game … Read more

Bought 5,300 yuan New Year’s goods “waited 32 days and still haven’t received it” He called the courier company dumbfounded: asked me to wait patiently | International | CTWANT

A man in Heilongjiang, mainland China, bought 7 boxes of pastries before the Chinese New Year and wanted to send them back to his hometown to relatives. Unexpectedly, it had been 32 days and he hadn’t received the items yet, which made him quite dumbfounded. (Picture/Review of Comprehensive Casting Network) A man in Heilongjiang, mainland … Read more

How should the postponement of doctoral graduation be viewed- Comments- CGTN

Original title: How to think about the postponement of doctoral graduation Meng Wei, a doctoral student at Zhejiang University, has attracted attention on the Internet because of his part-time food delivery to make a living. Meng Wei is a doctoral student at the School of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University. He was once one … Read more

Evil West postponed to November, just wait a bit | 4Gamers

Developed by Flying Wild Hog, Focus Entertainment’s western vampire hunting action game “Evil West” has now officially announced that the release date has been postponed from September 20 to November 22. According to the official announcement, the delay for nearly 2 months is mainly to gain time and further optimize the game presentation. Regarding the … Read more

Huawei postpones the launch of its new system for its smart devices

homeland: Some websites have announced that Huawei will postpone the launch of the new version of HarmonyOS for technical reasons. According to the available information, Huawei was supposed to release the beta version of the new HarmonyOS 3.0 system this March, and to launch the fixed version of this version next July, but the matter … Read more

A girl suffers from a rare disease and a life-changing surgery

Exclusive translation: A 13-year-old Pakistani teenager risked her life and underwent what has been described as the “most dangerous” operation on her neck, after suffering for years. And the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, published more details about the condition of the Pakistani girl Afshin, and her suffering since she was eight months old, from … Read more