A Jordanian Islamic researcher answers and reveals 7 signs • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Jordanian Islamic researcher, Zayed Al-Duwairi, answered a question that says, “How do you know that the person in front of you is envious?”

Al-Duwairi said, in a video clip: “The person in front of you may be envious, but he does not know that he is envious,” revealing psychological and religious signs that indicate that the person in front of you is envious, including:

1- The first mark: Frequent inquiries and questions about private matters, and accurate details related to the wife, money and salary.

2- The second sign: completion and amazement when he hears about a blessing that befalls a person, such as buying a new car or a villa.

3- The third sign: the eyes are narrowed when a blessing is mentioned in front of him, so he looks to the right and to the left with different looks from the natural one.

4- The fourth sign: As soon as the envious person enters your house, the situation suddenly changes, problems may occur with the wife or assault on one of the children.

5- The fifth sign: the occurrence of involuntary movements of the envious person when he hears a blessing that befalls another, such as itching or pressure on the jaws.

6- The sixth sign: the envious person winks at the person who was poor and then became rich.

7- The last sign: The envious person does not use immunization when mentioning the blessing in front of him, such as “God willing, there is no might or power except with God, O God, bless the Prophet.”

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