A major shock.. Finding out the real reason for the separation of Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry.. He couldn’t bear what he saw with his own eyes, so he divorced her immediately!

The public is still confused about the real reasons that prompted Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima to divorce his wife, Yasmine Sabry, after two years of marriage and harmony.

While multiple sources came out to talk about various reasons for their divorce, including disputes over childbearing, Egyptian newspapers reported shocking actions that Sabri performed towards Abu Hashima’s family, as she deliberately hurt his pride in front of them.

According to the sources, during the visits of Abu Hashima’s family to him in his house, Sabri deliberately left them and closed the door to her room on herself, indicating that she could not stand them.

Other sources also reported that Abu Hashima was convinced that his decision not to complete art at the present time and focus on her family would pass without problems, but when he saw her contacts with the artistic community and her agreements with more than one star to start artistic projects, he could not stand her disobedience to him, so he divorced her.

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