a match at 7 p.m. and Giannis Antetokounmpo at 2 a.m., we take

Small Sunday evening, because it feels good to breathe, sometimes. We’ll still be in front of this light menu, from 7 p.m. that’s cool, and with a big fat Greek dessert, why not after all.


  • 19h : Hornets – Heat (en direct sur BeIN Sports 4)
  • 0h : Grizzlies – Pacers
  • 1am: Cavs – Clippers (live and in original version on BeIN Sports 5)
  • 2h : Bucks – Pelicans


We are going to start with a safe bet: Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks face the Pels, Pels not in great shape but who recorded the return of Brandon Ingram, and therefore a duel of freaks to watch, game in the game between two ambitious teams. In addition it’s at 2am and the real ones know, you can even take a one hour nap before landing in front of the PC.


  • a match at 7 p.m. cannot be refused, even if we are clearly going to watch it with our mouths full. Full of points conceded like the Hornets.
  • Grizzlies – Pacers is really exciting, unless you are the president of FC Gros Marché. No Tyrese Haliburton but a rich Myles Turner and little Duarte and Mathurin on one side, while opposite we will be watching the Ja Morant show, of course.
  • Donovan Mitchell uncertain but a big game all the same which s’nanonce between the youth of the Cavs and the experience of the Clippers, complete and strong with five wins in a row.

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