A new “bolide”, identified flying object, observed in the sky near Chartres

2023-09-17 16:08:45

A “bolide”, brighter than a shooting star, was observed by the Météo Center association thanks to a webcam placed in Saint-Luperce, near Chartres. An observation reminiscent of the recent discovery of a meteorite, by a resident of Cher, in her garden.

This could have hit the ground to the east of the Centre-Val de Loire region. A “bolide” was observed by a webcam of the Météo Center association, near Chartres, in Saint-Luperce.

A meteorite of this type was recently discovered by a resident of Cher, in her garden. An exceptional fact “in a field or in a forest, there is a strong risk that it will never be found” explains Olivier Renard, from the Météo Center association. “It doesn’t make a crater when it falls, and fortunately.

What is less rare is the fall of these celestial bodies. “In the last four months we have had two or three in the region“.

It was around 11:16 p.m. that this particularly luminous meteor was observed in the Eurelian sky. Brighter than a shooting star, it can illuminate for “several seconds” indicates Olivier Renard.

Unlike the one found in the Cher at the beginning of September 2023, this one seemed more distant, says the representative of the meteorological association.

However, it is important to declare it to Vigie-Ciel Fripon, a structure which studies meteorites in France.To try to find them“says Olivier Renard”their composition can provide information on the early times of the solar system“.

In one week, the Météo Center association received several requests from individuals to equip themselves with a webcam. Without knowing, for the moment, if these wishes come from meteorite researchers.

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