A new judicial decision regarding Pique regarding a Saudi deal to host the Spanish Super Cup

Spain – A Spanish judge ordered the freezing of the bank account of a company run by former Barcelona player, Gerard Pique, while she investigated suspicions of corruption related to hosting the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

A Spanish court confirmed local news reports that investigating judge Delia Rodrigo acted on Tuesday at the request of public prosecutors to freeze a bank account belonging to the sports entertainment company Cosmos, which was founded and managed by Pique.

It is noteworthy that the Super Cup contract is one of the contracts investigated by the judge, who in October 2022 requested judicial assistance from the European emirate in search of bank account data for the Andorra club – of which Pique owns the majority of shares – in the Mora Bank entity.

This decision comes just a few days before the former president of the Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, appears before the court on April 29 in the context of this case, which also includes an investigation into a series of possible violations in contracts related to the sports entity.

Spanish police arrested Rubiales earlier this month as part of an investigation into corruption and money laundering in activities under his jurisdiction.

Seven other people were arrested last March, when police raided the union’s offices in Madrid and Rubiales’ residence in Granada.

Rubiales transferred the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia in 2020, in exchange for a deal said to be worth 40 million euros for the tournament.

Pique, who was playing for Barcelona at the time and played in the Spanish Super Cup, helped complete this deal through his company, Cosmos.

The Public Prosecution opened an investigation into this deal in 2022, after audio files of conversations between Rubiales and Pique regarding commissions worth millions of dollars were leaked.

Source: “Agencies”

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2024-04-24 16:18:35

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