Hebrew website: Israel has not achieved its basic goals after 200 days of war on Gaza, and achieving them has become far-fetched.

Israel – The Hebrew “Mafzak” website reported in a report yesterday, Tuesday, that Israel, after 200 days of war on Gaza, had not achieved its basic goals: releasing the hostages and destroying the Hamas movement, indicating that its achievement has become further.

The Hebrew website said that the fighting in Gaza has been going on for six months, and the question about what Israel has actually achieved raises more and more criticism in the international arena.

He added, “Israel claims that it has weakened the military arm of the faction movement, as thousands of militants were eliminated, including a number of senior leaders, and the faction movement’s forces are now scattered and weak… However, the main goals of this operation, which are the release of the hostages and the destruction of Hamas, have not been achieved.”

The Hebrew “Mafzak” website indicates that achieving military goals has become more distant.

The report says that the status of the 133 Israeli hostages is unclear, and negotiations to release them in exchange for a ceasefire and the return of Palestinian prisoners have not yet yielded results.

In this context, he stressed that military operations are increasingly losing their legitimacy due to civilian losses.

The Hebrew website touched on a report published by the American “New York Times” in which the newspaper stated that “the tactics adopted by Israel caused heavy losses. Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed, there is widespread hunger in Gaza, and the incidents that occurred with relief organizations were strongly condemned.”

The war on Gaza, which has been ongoing for 200 days, has left devastation everywhere and massive damage to the vital infrastructure in the Strip.

During the 200 days of war that began on October 7, 2023, 34,200 people were killed and 77,100 were injured.

The United Nations warned that the Gaza Strip has become “the most dangerous place of death for a child in the world, as a child is killed or injured every ten minutes due to the continuous Israeli bombing.”

Source: “Mafzak” Hebrew website

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