A novel that exposes the love story of Daniela Rahma and Nassif Zaitoun

The news that spread in recent times about the existence of a love story between Syrian artist Nassif Zaitoun and Lebanese actress Daniela Rahma is still the talk of the audience and the source of their interest at a time when the two sides do not deny nor confirm the issue except that one story was enough to confirm the issue to the audience according to their opinion.

In the details, one of the pages published an old interview with actress Daniela Rahma, in which she talked about an incident that happened with her, and said that she dreamed that her lover had been in a traffic accident, so she called him when she woke up to find that he had already had a fall.

On the other hand, an interview was circulated by Nassif Zeytoun, in which he talks about a fall that happened to him when he was traveling with one of his friends, when his hand was badly damaged. The audience linked the two stories together and considered that Habib Daniela, whom she spoke about in her story, was none other than Nassif.

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