A psychiatrist reveals forms of mind manipulation

01:00 p.m

Sunday 04 December 2022

Psychiatrist Sergey Pozdnyakov, Director of the Psychotherapy Center at MEDSI Hospital, member of the Russian Association of Psychologists, explained how to manipulate minds, which is a form of psychological pressure.

In an interview with Izvestia newspaper, Sergey said: “Gaslighting is a form of psychological pressure on the person, where the “aggressor” denies the facts and tries to force the victim to change his perception of reality and doubt his personal memories.

He continued, “The hidden goal of the manipulator is to diminish the value of the words, actions, achievements, and feelings of the other person, which leads to a decrease in the “victim’s” self-evaluation, and the growth of a sense of self-doubt. Such people can be found everywhere, among acquaintances and at work, and they may deliberately So or unintentionally, according to what the newspaper “Izvestia” reported.

And he adds, we can hear from the person who uses this type of psychological pressure words and phrases such as “You are delusional”, “I did not say that”, “It seemed to you that”, “You are very sensitive”, “This was just a joke.” Therefore, you should be careful if an acquaintance, friend or co-worker repeats such phrases.

He says: “A person who becomes a victim loses confidence in himself, his personality, his thoughts, and his feelings, and thus his self-esteem decreases to a minimum. Of course, this condition cannot pass without affecting the nervous system. Therefore, its result is often increased anxiety, depression, and some kind of disorder.” After the trauma, the “victim” person has conditions, which are already the basis of the “work of psychologists and psychiatrists”.

According to him, in order not to become a victim, a person must learn to value himself and trust his thoughts and feelings, and less trust others.

He says, “The main thing in combating mind manipulation is determination and self-confidence. Not being afraid of the mind manipulator. Because fear will make him stronger, and doubts will give him more confidence. Therefore, a strong personality will never become a ‘victim’.” Opinion must also be defended. We must not forget that the facts presented by the manipulator are just fiction, while our thoughts and feelings are real.”

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