A Qatari Citizen Demands Closing the Borders and Preventing the Saudis from Exiting and Reveals the Reason • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Qatari citizen sent a message to the Saudis in Qatar, calling for the closure of the borders between Qatar and the Kingdom, so that the Saudis remain inside Qatar until the end of the World Cup, stressing, “You are a honey people.”

The Saudis, you lost, right? .. The first thing they closed the borders of Qatar, we do not accept any Saudi to come out, please, keep you in your place, we feel sorry for your presence here, everywhere there is a Saudi who is profaning and laughing.

And he continued, because you lost to gather your things and you want to go, so keep you with us in the World Cup, we will be happy with your presence, and God, your spirit annoys us, we only know your presence .. you are a honey people who revive any place.

He added, even in spite of the loss, they sat with us. We lost. Did you see us leaving Qatar?

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