A record number of miracle bugs set off for Africa in the 15th Budapest-Bamako rally

From rust to glory – this year the world’s largest amateur rally remained true to its motto. At the Budaörs airport, everything that had wheels and could still breathe life into it started.


More people than ever, 1102, entered the 15th competition. This is three times more than the number of people who used to start the more prestigious Dakar rally. In addition, the route is much longer. To avoid congestion at the borders, the race is exceptionally started in two stages.

The dreamer and main organizer of the competition, Géza Villám, told us that there is a minibus that was taken out of the trash in Slovenia, but the field also includes a Mini Morris, two Wartburgs, a Moskvitch and a fire truck.

This year it was also possible to start in the competition and touring classes, but the most special cars are in the charity “spirit” category.

The terrain puts even experienced rally drivers to the test. The participants have to cover about 8,300 kilometers through 10 countries in 18 days.

Vidar came from Viking Norway and this is already his second Bamako. He already visited Mongolia with his Ford, which he bought for 600 euros, and installed a shower for the competition.

Zoltán decided to hit Africa on two wheels, but he is much more afraid of the European cold than the desert sand dunes.

“I’ve been in an off-road vehicle, a Trabant, and since I haven’t been on a motorcycle yet, I took the entry in a moment of weakness.”

As every year, this year the field is coming to Sierra Leone with donations. This time, they are bringing sports equipment to orphaned children who are learning to surf and box.

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