Five billion euros will be used to build a new district in Rákosrendező

– An agreement has been reached between Hungary and the United Arab Emirates on economic cooperation, as part of which a new district can be built around the Rákosrendező railway station with a huge investment of five billion euros – Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, announced on Wednesday in Budapest. According to … Read more

The Budapest pass will be cheaper

It was announced on the BKK’s social media page on Monday evening that not only will the Budapest season ticket remain, but in principle the price will also decrease from the first of March. They added that the pass will continue to be valid throughout the capital on HÉVs, “blue Volánbusz” and designated MÁV trains. … Read more

A record number of miracle bugs set off for Africa in the 15th Budapest-Bamako rally

From rust to glory – this year the world’s largest amateur rally remained true to its motto. At the Budaörs airport, everything that had wheels and could still breathe life into it started. AD More people than ever, 1102, entered the 15th competition. This is three times more than the number of people who used … Read more

Veterinary Clinic in Budapest Accepts Cryptocurrency for Pet Treatment: A Convenient Solution for Crypto Users

2023-11-02 10:07:10 More and more entrepreneurs are accepting cryptocurrencies in Hungary as well. From now on, you can also pay for your pet’s treatment with digital money at a veterinary clinic in Budapest. The mainstreaming of bitcoin is shown by the fact that more and more entrepreneurs, shops and service providers are accepting it as … Read more

Breaking News: Hong Kong’s He Shibei Dominates Women’s 100-Meter Freestyle at the World Cup Finale in Budapest

2023-10-22 17:07:23 [Tilu News]Hong Kong team’s female flying fish Ho Shi-bei competed in the World Cup finale in Budapest, Hungary, on Sunday (23rd) at the Shaker event. She once again won the women’s 100-meter freestyle championship, winning a total of six gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal in the three races. . … Read more

Breaking Records at the Swimming World Cup: Hong Kong’s He Shibei Clinches Third Consecutive 200-Meter Freestyle Win

2023-10-21 16:38:55 [Tilu News]Hong Kong team’s female flying fish Ho Shi-bei continued to compete in the Swimming World Cup in Budapest, Hungary, on Saturday (21st). She once again broke the conference record in the main event of 200-meter freestyle, completing this event for the third consecutive time in 1 minute, 54 seconds and 08 seconds. … Read more