Greenpeace: Minister Kocher must clearly reject the EU-Mercosur Pact at the Council of Trade Ministers

2023-05-24 04:00:30 Austria must not accept greenwashing leaflets and anti-democratic voting tricks Vienna (OTS) – Greenpeace is calling on Economics Minister Martin Kocher to speak out clearly against the EU-Mercosur trade pact at tomorrow’s Council of EU Trade Ministers in Brussels. The agreement endangers both nature and local agriculture. Minister Kocher must also make it … Read more

Rejection rates of DGTR’s recommendations by FinMin to impose anti-dumping duties rise: Report

2023-05-05 12:11:16 The rejection rate of the commerce ministry’s recommendations to impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties on different imported products by the finance ministry has gone up substantially between September 2020 to October 2022, according to a report. The report of the ‘Centre for Digital Economy’ also said that the rejections are almost invariably without … Read more

Waitz/EU-Mercosur Agreement: Protection of the Amazon is top priority

Changes must be legally binding Brussels (OTS) – As early as 2019, the National Council passed a binding resolution on Austria’s rejection of the EU-Mercosur Agreement. On the basis of this, the agreement is also clearly and unequivocally rejected in the intergovernmental agreement. This was discussed at today’s meeting of EU agricultural ministers. The EU … Read more

Coface: Brighter economic prospects thanks to the mild winter so far

Paris/Vienna (OTS) – The mood among entrepreneurs, financial market participants and consumers improved somewhat at the beginning of the year. The expected supply bottlenecks have not occurred due to the mild winter so far, but the economic glimmers of hope are too weak and the prospects for spring too uncertain to improve the country risk … Read more

China’s avalanche of export orders cut workers’ hourly wages to 26 yuan-Free Finance and Economics

China’s export orders have avalanche, and empty containers are piling up like mountains. (picture taken from Chinese social platforms) [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]The two pillars of China’s economy – real estate and foreign trade have both collapsed. The recruitment of electronics supply chains in South China and East China has been greatly reduced. There is a … Read more

Chancay Megaport: Why does this work generate fear among Chilean businessmen? | port of Chancay | new port of Chancay | mega port of Chancay | Chile | foreign trade | Economy

The progress in the construction of Chancay Megaportlocated in the province of Huaralhas raised concern among Chilean businessmen related to foreign trade. The construction of this work is in charge of the company china Cosco Shipping and will require a total investment of $3,600. the newspaper the Chilean Mercury indicates that the port of Chancay … Read more