Stocks, foreign exchange bonds “three kills”! “U.S. debt crisis” affects Japan: 10-year Japanese bond yield hits a 10-year high

2023-09-28 08:31:00 (Original title: The “three kills” of stocks, foreign exchange bonds and bonds! The “U.S. debt storm” affects Japan: the 10-year Japanese bond yield hits a 10-year high, the yen continues to depreciate and approaches an important threshold, and foreign capital hurriedly “flees”…) The “U.S. debt storm” that continues to ferment this week is … Read more

Sports News Updates: Exciting Highlights and Heroes in Recent Games – Secondary Vocational School, Guo Junlin, and More!

2023-09-12 15:22:00 Secondary Vocational School》21 years old + 23 years old, guarding the last 4 games, Mr. Qiu must be two young heroes Junlin’s positioning remains unchanged after a single game explosion. Mr. Qiu: Lotte’s attack is very good ETtoday Sports CloudThe arduous road from being high-spirited to being lost will take you back … Read more

China Evergrande’s Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Filing in the US: Analysis, Impact, and Solutions

2023-08-17 22:05:40 New York Heavily indebted Chinese real estate developer China Evergrande has filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection in the United States. That emerges from documents of the bankruptcy court in Manhattan from Thursday. Under Chapter 15 of the US bankruptcy law, foreign companies can be protected from lawsuits by American creditors while they … Read more

Prince Mohammed bin Salman: A Rising Peacemaker on the Global Stage

2023-08-06 15:52:12 Mohammed bin Salman The Saudi Crown Prince wants to make a name for himself on the stage of international diplomacy. (Photo: via REUTERS) Tel Aviv In order to end the war with Russia, Ukraine must also win over countries in the Global South. Kiev receives support from Saudi Arabia. Crown Prince Mohammed bin … Read more

China vs. USA: The Battle for Economic Supremacy and Geopolitical Influence

2023-07-21 09:50:00 China vs. USA Both the US and China have great economic power – and are fighting for supremacy. (Photo: Stephan Schmitz for Handelsblatt) According to many experts, China is economically more unstable than it appears. At the same time, the USA is achieving astounding success with its reindustrialization strategy. In contrast to China, … Read more

What signal does the surge in foreign capital investment in China, where executives come to China, send out? |Foreign Capital|CEO|Investment in China_Sina News

2023-06-17 23:03:20 Recently, executives from many overseas foreign companies have visited China intensively. On June 14, Bill Gates, co-chairman of the US Gates Foundation and founder of Microsoft, arrived in Beijing to seek further cooperation with China in areas such as strengthening innovation, global poverty reduction, public health, drug research and development, and rural agriculture. … Read more