A Saudi specialist reveals a strange reason for changing her son’s name from “Mishaal to Muhammad”! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Specialist Dr. Arwa Ali, the mother of a child with autism, revealed that she tried to help her child and integrate him into society in all ways.

And she said during her interview with the Saudi channel, I did everything I was talking about as a specialist with families, and I applied the information that evil goes with the name.

And she continued, I was in one of the councils, and an elderly woman told me that his name changed, and the evil in it goes away, if there is an eye or something, it goes by changing the name. Pointing out that her son was at this time two years and 7 months old.

She added, the passion of motherhood prevailed over the specialty, noting that she was racing against time to provide any assistance to her child.

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