A Scary Return, Dead Space Remake to be released in January next year

▲ Dead Space Remake release date announcement image (photo source: game official Twitter)

Dead Space, which was considered a synonym for horror games, but was disappointing due to its loss of life, is returning with a new look. Dead Space Remake, which has completely overhauled sound and visuals, will be released on January 27, next year.

This news was announced through the developer’s online broadcast of Dead Space Remake on the 12th (local standard). The production team of Motif Studio, who is developing the game, introduced the details of the Dead Space Remake visual through the broadcast, and at the end of the game, released the release schedule, drawing the attention of fans.

▲ Dead Space Developer Online Broadcast (Video Source: Dead Space Official YouTube Channel)

Released in 2008, Dead Space tells the story of the protagonist Isaac Clarke, who encounters a necromorph who suddenly appeared on the spaceship Ishimura. It features tense battles against monsters that might pop out of a closed spaceship, sounds that provoke fear, gore action that cuts the enemy’s limbs, and a sophisticated UI that is naturally applied to the play screen.

Even in the remake to be released next year, the hardships of Tool Warrior Isaac are not expected to end. Through this online broadcast, the production team explained that the overall visuals of the game, such as the spaceship, Isaac’s costumes and equipment, and the necromorphs, were extensively overhauled to fit the modern era.

In particular, for the necromorph that appears as an enemy, the production team consists of individually combining the modeling of each part, such as arms, legs, torso, joints, and organs. explained that there would be. In addition, he said that he will show a more fearful direction with fog and smoke effects, which were not possible at the time of development of the first part.

Meanwhile, Glenn Scofield, who served as the producer of Dead Space 1, also announced the release of the horror new ‘Calisto Protocol’ in the second half of this year. It is a head-to-head confrontation between the title of the original author of Dead Space and the remake of the first part.

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