a site imitating the official Walloon platform disseminates misinformation

Via Faky’s contact form, an Internet user shared her questions about a flyer containing information on vaccination against Covid-19. She sends us a copy of the flyer and wonders: Is this site the emanation of citizens who are wondering in good faith about vaccination or is it conspiratorial or antivax ?

This flyer says: “Vaccinate my child? There are risks !”as well as a visual showing a mother and her daughter next to a large syringe, the document links to a website entitled estcequejemevaccine.eu.

Also on the Twitter social network, several internet users wonder about a similar leaflet, with the text: “I had my dose. Should I do the booster? as well as “It’s official, the vaccination campaign is a failure. The document links to the same website. This is actually the back of the first document.

The flyer as well as the website imitate the visual of “jemevaccine.be, the official site of information on the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus set up by theAVIQ (l’agency in charge of organizing test centers or vaccination against Covid-19 in Wallonia). The AVIQ website is an information platform for the general public. In particular, it allows Walloons to make an appointment to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and provides resources to inform visitors to the site.

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