A technical shock shakes Egypt.. My program (The Story) by Amr Adib has been suspended and a last word from Lamis El Hadidy.. The reason is very painful and unexpected!!

12:50 am
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The team for preparing the two programs, the story of Amr Adib, and a final word for Lays Al-Hadidi announced the temporary suspension of the two programs.

It comes because the media, Amr Adib, and his media wife, Lamis El Hadidy, were infected with the Corona virus.

The media, Amr Adib, revealed that he was infected with the Corona virus “Covid-19”, along with his media wife, Lamis El Hadidy,

Noting that the symptoms they had are simple and mild, he asked his followers and fans to pray for them for a speedy recovery from the virus.

Adeeb wrote, through his Twitter account: “Lamis and I have Corona, thank God, the symptoms are simple and mild, a short break and we continue .. Please pray with us.”

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