A violent crash delayed traffic on Route 22 in Neuquén

2023-10-07 23:27:48

And new road accident It happened this Saturday afternoon in Neuquen. Two cars, for reasons that are the subject of investigation, They collided on former Route 22, current Mosconi Avenue. A woman had to be transferred to the Castro Rendón hospital.

Everything happened around 4 p.m., at the intersection with Linares Street, in the east of the provincial capital. Over there A Volkswagen Suran was hit on one of its sides by a Renault Captur.

As confirmed by the commissioner Mario Quispe According to Diario RÍO NEGRO, the Suran, which was traveling with two 56-year-old women on board, was circulating through Mosconi in a west-east direction, while the Captur, driven by a 20-year-old young man, was traveling along one of the collectors with the intention to climb the old national road.

It was at that time that both vehicles ccollided and ended up with serious material damage, meters ahead. Due to the mechanics of the impact, the commissioner advanced, everything would indicate that one of the vehicles crossed with a red lightalthough this is still under analysis.

As a result of the force of the crash, the woman who was traveling as a passenger She was transferred as a precaution to the Castro Rendón hospital. of this city, where he will remain for a few hours as a precaution. «Nothing serious«Quispe told this medium.

As for the drivers, both were subjected to the corresponding breathalyzer test, which gave negative results, and a review of a dome located at the site is expected to determine responsibilities.

In addition, the commissioner indicated that traffic along former Route 22, in the Neuquén-Cipolleti direction, must have been diverted for a few minuteswhile the first attention to those involved was being developed.

At the scene of impact, personnel from Police, Firefighters, SIEN and the Traffic Directoratewhich advanced with the first skills.

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