A woman who has all these traits will have a good fate

Today we will talk about numerology. Therefore, this is a part used in choosing people to associate with, do business with, even choose a daughter-in-law or marry a wife into the house. Let’s try to check.

Here are the facial features of women who are said to be rich and wealthy:

The tip of the nose is round, the wings of the nose are neither too wide nor too narrow

Straight nose bridge. The tip of the nose is fleshy, round, because the nose is a general of prosperity and wealth, so the nose should not have a sharp ridge. The tip of the nose should be quite round. The nostrils should not be too wide or too narrow. It should be in proportion to the shape of the mouth and face. If a woman has a nose that meets this criterion, it means she has a good nose.

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Eyes Black eyes and white eyes are clearly separated

Good eyes must have clear black and white eyes, black eyes as black as jade, clear white eyes, indicating pure people. Seeing something profound, the corners of the eyes slightly raised, signifying good fortune in life, the eyes as mentioned can be considered eyes that only find happiness, seeing the good things in life.

Meat ears

Full earlobe, soft texture without bones indicates a smooth childhood life, well cared for, fleshy ear lobe is a horoscope indicating that there will be noble people to support and serve, life will not be difficult. .

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Full, plump lips, well-proportioned lip shape, full upper and lower lips

The upper lip must be evenly thick, not tilted to one side, proving that the owner is a good speaker with lips calling for money, calling for gold, calling for servants, saying anything, there are noble people to support, if there is a couple. Full lips are well proportioned, it is considered a symbol of wealth, fertility, power and eating.

Lips should not be too small and not too big. It should be mouth to nose, not too big not too wide. If a woman has a mouth like this, it is considered very good in appearance.

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Full breasts

According to physical texts or traditional beliefs, the girl with full breasts represents abundance. It is a good trait of a mother, the creator of life and all things.

Deep navel

A woman whose navel is so deep that half of her little finger can be inserted. According to the ancient concept, a girl with a belly button like this will have a comfortable life, receiving good care from those around her. With someone to take care of and serve, life will be rich. The navel in this way is the navel like Buddha Sangkachai, the arhat of fertility.

(This article is for reference and contemplation purposes only).

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