Accessing Citizen Income: Subsidy Information, Payment Methods, and Eligibility

2023-07-15 14:20:16

Citizen Income is a subsidy delivered by the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) to the most vulnerable families in the country. This grants from $120,000 to $500,000 to people so that they have a stable income and stay above the poverty line. The second payment of this subsidy began on July 7 and will run until the 31st of the same month.

Since July 12, there have been complaints of congestion and lines at the headquarters of the Banco Agrario to claim the subsidy. These reports have been sent from Montería, Cali, Barranquilla, Neiva and some municipalities of Antioquia. DPS Director, Cielo Rusinque, affirms that these ranks are due to a disinformation campaign.

Hernando Chica Zuccardi, president of the bank, said that, of the 911 offices that the entity has in the country, only 3% have high citizen traffic. “Between July 7 and 13, payments have been made to 805,000 beneficiaries throughout the national territory for $323,000 million, which corresponds to the fact that, in six days, 41% of all those scheduled until July 31 have already been paid. ”.

How can the Citizen Income be collected?

The Agrarian Bank has provided 3 payment methods so that both people who have a bank account and those who cannot access the Citizen Income. Keep in mind, that payments will be delivered until July 31, so you can approach any time during the month and your consignment will still be active.

Payment by transfer at branch or correspondent: the beneficiary must go to the authorized and assigned establishment to make the payment. In the event that you cannot make the withdrawal in the assigned place, you have the option of transferring the transfer by contacting the Bank’s corporate WhatsApp: + 57 1 5948500.

Payment to Banco Agrario account: through the Bank’s corporate WhatsApp: + 57 1 5948500 the Bank will contact the beneficiaries, and through the options provided by the virtual agent Anita, you will be able to generate the OTP code to withdraw through the Banco Agrario ATM network and the Banking Correspondents enabled.

Payment by electronic transfer: Those who have the resources available under this modality, previously verified in the Bank’s link, may receive the incentive through electronic teller machines of the Servibanca ally, activating the withdrawal from the “withdrawal without card” option of the electronic teller machine. The maximum payment amount is 600,000 pesos.

The Department of Social Prosperity (DPS) has provided several tools to guarantee access to information. If you want to know if you are included in the program, you can consult it in the following link. To find out what amount you will receive, you can use the calculator. For more details of this program, visit the following link.

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