Accident near Gotha: Three seriously injured after an A4 crash Regional

Gotha (Thuringia) – Three people were seriously injured in a violent autobahn crash on Sunday evening on the A4 near Gotha.

According to the police a Renault driver (71) crashed into a car in front at the level of the Gotha junction at far too high a speed. The BMW driver (58) skidded as a result of the impact and crashed into the guardrail. The man was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

And also the 71-year-old accident causer get it hard He overturned his car after the crash and landed several meters off the road on the roof. Both occupants were also taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The person who caused the accident drove into this BMW at high speed. The driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries

Photo: Autobahn Police Inspectorate Thuringia Autobahn Police Inspectorate

“The motorway was full for 60 minutes for the accident investigation and vehicle recovery and partially closed for 80 minutes in the direction of Dresden. The material damage to the vehicles and the embankment of the motorway maintenance department is estimated at around 36,000 euros,” said a police spokesman. tpa

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