ACEA Defends Against Euro 7 Proposal: High Costs and Neglected Indirect Impact – Find Out More on our Website

2023-05-23 07:00:00

With the expected clear words, the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers ACEA defends itself today against the present draft of the EU Commission for the new emission limits for passenger cars. The Euro 7 proposal would result in direct costs four to six times higher than the costs indicated by the Commission.

In its current statement, ACEA emphasizes the fact that it is still committed to reducing emissions. “However, the current Euro 7 proposal does not bring us any closer to this goal, as it will only achieve extremely small progress at extremely high costs,” Acea clarifies. The planned limit values ​​increase the manufacturing costs of passenger cars, delivery vans and vans as well as for trucks and buses. A study by “Frontier Economics” assumes that passenger cars and vans with combustion engines would have to be around 2000 euros more expensive.

For trucks and buses, the additional costs would come close to 12,000 euros. In its figures, the Commission assumes additional costs of between EUR 180 and EUR 450 for passenger cars and EUR 2,800 for trucks and buses. The ACEA study therefore assumes that the costs will be four to ten times higher than those of the EU.

With the Euro 6/VI regulations, the EU is working with the world’s most demanding standards for emissions such as NOx and particles. With today’s technology, pollutants in the exhaust gases from combustion engines are hardly measurable. Sigrid de Vries, ACEA Director General: “More can be achieved for the environment and health with electrification if older combustion engines are replaced by vehicles with Euro 6/VI at the same time.” Especially since – according to de Vries – Euro 7 is the indirect one For example, costs would increase by up to 3.5 percent due to higher fuel consumption, which means a further 650 euros in additional costs for cars and around 20,000 extra euros for trucks over the service life. According to de Vries, the EU completely ignores these indirect costs in its cost estimate. (awm)

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