Actress Nadine Al Rassi Forgives Brother Sebastian in Surprising Statement – A Touching Story of Family Love and Forgiveness

2023-11-04 05:40:48
In a surprising statement, actress Nadine Al Rassi announced that she had forgiven her brother Sebastian and prayed for him in church because she considered him like her son.

Nadine added, “My brother and my beloved remain. I wanted to beat him and defend myself, but I couldn’t. Have you ever seen a mother assault her son? He’s like my son.”

Nadine said in her statement to Al-Jaras magazine, “It is still easier to hit a brother than to hit anyone else. I mean, a brother’s hand is better than anyone else’s hand.”

Social networking sites were recently abuzz with the news of Sebastian beating Nadine inside the hospital where her mother was being treated after suffering a stroke.

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