ADO Den Haag lost in the top match at Willem II

Unfortunately, ADO Den Haag did not retain any points from the top match against Willem II. Thanks to two goals in the first half, it was Willem II that won the match. Derijck scored the tying goal in the second half, but despite an exciting final phase, an equalizer was not achieved.

After a good 3-0 win at home against FC Den Bosch, ADO Den Haag had to visit leader Willem II this Friday. One forced change at the Hague side where Ideho was missing and his place on the wings was filled by Alex Schalk, who came over this winter.

It was ADO Den Haag that started the first ten minutes convincingly and took control of the game. The first chance, however, was for the home team, an opportunity that was immediately promoted to a goal. Meerveld was sent deep on the left and easily managed to pass Ché, then round Surmeli and shoot the ball past Marsman. 1-0 Willem II.

Less than five minutes later, it was Ché who lost the ball in his own half and Willem II who immediately managed to play to the free Bosch with two passes. From about twenty meters he managed to outdo Marsman again and put the 2-0 on the scoreboard.

ADO Den Haag was searching and it was Willem II that could have led to 3-0 in this phase and ended the match early. Despite the fact that ADO Den Haag combined easily, there were no chances in the first half.

At the start of the second half, two changes were made on the Hague side. Both Ché and Schalk remained in the dressing room at halftime and Derijck and Van Wolfgang were the replacements. With two fresh players on the field, ADO Den Haag knew what it had to do in the second half. Once again it was ADO Den Haag that took control and managed to combine nicely. However, Darije Kalezic’s team did not create any real opportunities for the enemy goal in the early stages of the second half.

It took until minute 62 before ADO Den Haag really came close to the tying goal. Veerman managed to pass the ball wide to Van Wolfgang, who had a shooting opportunity. However, his shot was blocked at the last moment. The corner that followed was again dangerous, but it was Waem who headed the ball over from close range.

ADO Den Haag looked even more emphatically for the tying goal. It almost came in minute 69 after a true Sunday shot on Friday evening. It was Surmeli who shot the ball just over. From the corner it was again dangerous through Derijck, but his effort could be saved.

With fifteen minutes to play, three substitutions on the Hague side. Clearly the signal to make one last attempt to retain at least one point in this match. ADO Den Haag started and in minute 85 there was also the tying goal. None other than Derijck managed to head in a tightly placed corner from Derijck.

An exciting final phase followed in which ADO Den Haag did everything it could to take a coveted point from Tilburg. Van der Sande came very close via a low slider and in the absolute final phase, Sellouki and then van Mieghem were almost able to score the equalizer. Unfortunately it was not to be.

Willem II – ADO The Hague

Score progression: 1-0 Meerveld, 2-0 Bosch, 2-1 Derijck

Referee: Alex Bos

Willem II line-up: Smits (K), Schouten (C), Sigurgeirsson, Verreth, Doodeman, Hilterman (75. Razak), Meerveld, Oosting (61. Bokila), Behounek, Bosch, St. Jago

Line-up ADO The Hague: Martian; Ché (45. Derijck), Asante (73. Esajas), Waem, Van Hintum (73. Vigen); Surmeli ©, Van der Sande, Vlak (73. Sellouki); Van Mieghem, Veerman, Schalk (45. Van Wolfgang)

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