Politics: Félix Tshisekedi ready to negotiate but not like the M23

Last updated Feb 20, 2024

President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi remains uncompromising in his position to restore peace in the DRC in the most beautiful way. For this mission, the man already has his target in sight; Rwanda in coming to the negotiating table and not the M23, the latter being a militia of Paul Kagame.

“President Tshisekedi stressed that he will not dialogue with the M23 which is just an empty rag, but with Rwanda, but not at any price. The Rwandan President returned to his usual FDLR rhetoric and almost attacked the SADC troops in the DRC,” reported the spokesperson for the President of the DRC.

Tshisekedi puts a sword of Damocles on Kagame

In the Congolese presidency, the objective is to push Kagame to his limits by depriving him of all means of war. The support of the USA and the European Union is reliable but the Head of State wants to go for a first time, with his formidable army in order to create the threat on Rwandan soil. According to indiscretions, a well-hierarchical Congolese organization would already be on site in Kigali in the event that Paul Kagame continues his clever behavior.

The use of force on the Congolese side on Rwandan soil is about to see the light of day. Through legal means, Félix Tshisekedi wants to save the Congolese people, and this is a blow to Rwanda and its people.

Gaël Hombo

2024-02-20 11:18:51
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