Chillán’s dream is over – La Discusión 2024-02-22 06:12:55

The illusion turned into tears and the dream suddenly crashed into harsh reality.

The Chillán Under-17 National Team said goodbye in the quarterfinals of the Ñuble 2024 National Youth Amateur Soccer Championship, after falling 2-0 last night, against the surprising team from Villarrica, from the Ninth Region, which achieved a historic qualification to the semifinals .

The two goals of the team from the Ninth Region were the work of the talented left-handed midfielder, Jesús Lizama (42′ and 83′ shot), who buried the aspiration of Frank Hess’s team, in a full stadium, which remained silent after the performance of the visitor. Chillán could not play his best game and made lethal errors, for which he paid dearly. First in a bad start from the back, which Lizama took advantage of to shoot Nicolás Torres and then, with a low and tight free kick, which the outstanding Chilanejo goalkeeper could not contain.

The local team tried to react, but collided again and again with the red defense and the security of goalkeeper Martín Carrasco.

“We made mistakes at the start and we were already committed to the second goal. In the second half we searched with stopped balls and some approaches, but it was not possible and a year and a half of work ends, with two regionals and being among the best eight in Chile. We wanted to go higher, but we fought until the end and now to lift the boys. We made mistakes that we did not make in the first round and we paid dearly for it,” DT Frank Hess commented sadly, while his team mourned the elimination.

“Awesome. We are making history. We had everything against us, referee, fans, but on the field we were eleven against eleven, Chillán had all the privileges, but we came out with intensity to play because they played slowly. I am Pucón’s reinforcement and I am happy to reach the semifinals,” confessed Villarrica goalkeeper, Martín Carrasco.

“We made history. We had never played together and hopefully we will move forward. Now we are going to go with all our weapons to face Iquique. Here we play our football, but now we have grown in football and attitude on this field, against a great rival,” said the southern striker, Joao Acuña.

In the semifinals of the competition, which brought together 17 national teams in the first phase, the Villarrica team will face Iquique, this Thursday at 7 p.m., at the ANFA stadium.

The Iquiqueños beat Graneros at the Población El Roble stadium, 2-0.

The other semifinal will be animated by the representative of Antofagasta, who beat Con Con 3-1, against Talcahuano, who beat Castro 3-1.

“It was a great game, despite being down to ten, we didn’t back down and we made the difference. The boys will now be focused and they left us for dead, but there was justice and we are among the four best in Chile,” said Carlos Bravo, Antofagasta coach, proudly.

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