Given the alert issued by the Meteorological Directorate, due to the high temperatures that are forecast until next week in the south-central zone, the National Agricultural Society (SNA) called for the so-called “zero task” to be applied.

“The days ahead will be complex, since the temperature could approach 40° in some sectors between the regions of Valparaíso and Biobío. For this reason, we ask not to carry out agricultural and forestry work during the hottest hours in order to protect workers and reduce the risk of forest fires,” said the president of the SNA, Antonio Walker.

He added that, if “zero work” cannot be applied, it is important that work in fields and forests be carried out under shade, with the use of sunscreen and availability of water for workers to hydrate. Another option is to accommodate the days, making them start earlier to avoid working during extreme heat hours.

The union stressed the importance of watering more frequently and recalled that breeders must take extraordinary measures to prevent the animals from dehydrating.

Regarding forest fires, he called for work to be carried out responsibly and highlighted the importance of farmers having firebreaks and respecting the agricultural burning calendar.