Affordable House for Sale in Riyadh – Al-Marsad Newspaper Reveals Exclusive Details

2023-06-15 13:01:16

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An interested in real estate published a video clip in which he revealed that he offered a house for sale in Riyadh at a price of 759 thousand riyals.

And he said during the video: “A house in Riyadh at a price of 759 thousand,” indicating that the price is 909 thousand, and after deducting the subsidy of 150 thousand, the price becomes 759 thousand.

He pointed out that the house consists of 3 floors, the land area is 250 meters, and the building areas are 347 meters, in the Maskan Al-Asayel project in the comprehensive residential center in Riyadh.

He pointed out that the delivery will take place within 3 years, specifically in October 2026, indicating that the project is located in the middle of Riyadh.

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