After 33 years of marriage… Details of the ruling obliging a citizen to return the dowry of his “fifty-year-old divorcee”!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi court obligated a husband to return the dowry of a “divorced” citizen who married 33 years ago, at an amount of 50,000 riyals, and she has not received the dowry since then until the end of the marital relationship, according to Okaz newspaper.

Annulment of marriage

The 50-year-old had filed a lawsuit before the Personal Status Court stating that she had married 33 years ago and had 5 children before her marital relationship ended with the annulment of the marriage, and that she had not received her dowry of 50,000 riyals since that time.

A family legacy

She said that her father, when drafting the marriage contract, “knocked on his chest” and noted that he had received the dowry, which did not happen, noting that the reason for her not receiving the dowry and her silence was that her husband was speculating in stocks and the stock market and needed liquidity, and he promised to compensate her after returning from travel, but he did not He adheres to his promise, in addition to his insistence that she resign from her job and then compensate her when he finishes the procedures for selling real estate in a family inheritance, and then dividing it, but he also did not abide by his promise.

marriage and divorce

And she continued that he received sums of money from her job dues after her resignation under the pretext of building and furnishing the house, and he did not abide by what he promised, and he continued to receive money from her until he married her, which prompted her to obtain a divorce.

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