“After circulating a video of his work as a private driver.” Small Cappuccino reveals the truth and announces a huge project of 30 million riyals

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Small Cappuccino responded to the spread of a rumor that he worked as a driver.

Small said, during a tweet that he posted on his Twitter account: “And yes, in the Al-Rajhi family, but my response to some climbers is that I am a driver for someone. Thanks to God, I am not an employee for anyone, neither governmental nor private. I work in free trade and a charitable supporter for many parties, and I have my own projects.” .

And he continued, “I raise the hat to everyone who works, regardless of the job title, because the age of work was not a defect. The defect is that you are dependent.”

He added: “Stay tuned soon for the announcement of our new and huge (real estate) project in partnership between me and businesswoman Sister Sahab, which is estimated at 30,000,000 thirty million Saudi riyals.”

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