After describing her as an ‘old woman’, Lama Rahwanji, the wife of Yazan al-Sayed, replied: I have been with my feelings for 10 years.

Syrian beauty expert Lama Rahwanji, wife of Syrian actor Yazan al-Sayed, responded to the criticism she was recently exposed to, as a number of followers described her as an “old man” and demanded that she retire after a photo session.

Lama shared with her followers a set of photos from a new photo session, in which she appeared in a long blue dress, and wrote in a comment: “Any age that feels lonely, you must admit that she has become old, and puts on glasses, a woolen hat and a crutch, I am advising me to retire from this, but I feel still with me 10 Years, what do you think, Emmet Omar Al-Khatira Beblesh?

And she continued in her post: “I say to those who said about me that I am old, you have to work on yourselves to reach my age and maintain your condition like me, stressing that she will stop all her activities after Jennifer Looper stops 10 years.”

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