Road infrastructure – Black spots on the RN6 and RN4 treated

Rehabilitation work on the black spots on Nationals 4 and 6 is in progress. The Ministry of Public Works plans to repair all the black spots.

Traffic on national roads 4 and 6 is gradually returning to normal. Rehabilitation works on the sections of road between Maevatanana and Ambondromamy, on national 4, and between Mampikony and Antsohihy on national 6, are almost complete. “The work is completed as it should be. They made it possible to deal with the black spots”, declared the Minister of Public Works, Jerry Hatrefindrazana, during the visit of the inventory of fixtures on the provisional acceptance on the PK 371+900 between Maevatanana and Ambondromamy, Thursday.

Emergency work was carried out by Iso Construction on this stretch of road which collapsed. A retaining wall 70 meters long and 4 meters wide was built. The road has been rehabilitated and tarred. At PK 134 in Tsarahasina up to PK 162 in Andribavontsona, on National 6, the work is almost complete. “The rehabilitation of this road is a godsend. Travel time will decrease. Currently, the Ambondromamy-Port Bergé route takes 3 to 4 hours. Once this work is completed, we will be able to make this trip in 2 hours”, says Olivier, transporter in Port Bergé. He says that the poor state of the road in Antanetilava, on the national road 6, cut his spring twice in a row, in the space of some time. “The circulation of carts must be prohibited on the national road. Their iron wheels destroy the roadways,” continues Olivier.

The company Iso Construction announces the end of the works between PK 134 and PK 162 on National 6, in fifteen days. “The works were delayed because of the cyclone. We were only able to start in April,” said a manager within this company. The Minister of Public Works stresses that the work to rehabilitate black spots on National 6 and National 4 will continue.

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