After the decision was officially imposed, the penalty for publishing surveillance camera recordings was revealed

Al-Marsad newspaper: The regulation of the decision to compel ministries, agencies, institutions and commercial complexes to install security surveillance cameras included a list of penalties for violators of the regulation who publish or transmit the recordings of the cameras.

The penalties were as follows:-

1- Without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated in another system, every person of a special natural or legal capacity – subject to the provisions of the system – who violates any of the provisions of the system shall be punished according to the following:

A- A fine of (five hundred) riyals for each of the security surveillance cameras, and for each device of the security camera monitoring systems, in violation of the technical specifications set forth in the conditions document.

B – A fine of (one thousand) riyals for each security surveillance camera, and for each security camera monitoring system device that was not installed in accordance with what was specified in the conditions document.

C- A fine of (one thousand) riyals for each violation of the provisions of paragraph (2) of Article (6) of the system.

d- A fine of (five thousand) riyals for a violation of not keeping the recordings, according to what was stated in Paragraph (2) of Article (Fourth) of the system.

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