After the loss of Diego Verdaguer, Amanda Miguel is honest and talks about the hard problem she faces

Written in FAMOUS the 16/8/2022 · 17:00 hs

Miami, United States.- This may be the hardest year Amanada Miguel has had to live throughout his life, since, only at the beginning of this 2022the famous singer had to see her life partner, Diego Verdaguerconsumed after contracting Covid-19, illness that ended up taking his life after a series of complications. Seven months after this unfortunate event, the interpreter uncovered a tough problem that she had to deal with.

As many will know, Amanda and Diego They were the perfect example of a great couple, both in love and in the professional field, since the spouses starred in great successes and also gave incredible shows, it is even known that this year, both were scheduled to tour; however, this could not be achieved due to the sudden and unexpected death of the singer of ‘Old‘, ‘I’m going to conquer you‘, ‘ask me‘, ‘pretty lies‘, ‘I will be back‘ y ‘Which of the two will they be?‘.

After the Argentine singer gave his last breath, Amanda Miguel focused mainly on being with her grandson, Luccaand with his daughter, Anna Victoriaat his residence in Miamihe was seen in Twitter sharing some videos, prescriptions and photographs of their day to day; it wasn’t until Gloria Trevi He invited her to one of his concerts that the interpreter of ‘So don’t you will never love‘ returned to the stage, a fact that cost him a lot of work, since it was the first time he sang without Diego.

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During the night of last Wednesday, August 15, the interpreter opened her heart with her more than 129 thousand followers in Twitter and revealed that, although she is normally seen to shine on stage, she still hasn’t recovered from Verdaguer’s departure, affirming that returning to her artistic career It has been extremely difficult for her, especially because it is difficult for her to concentrate, despite this she thanked her fans for all the support they have given her during these months, since it is thanks to this that she has been able to sing again.

You know how difficult it has been since your departure, it has cost me a lot to concentrate, but your energy and dedication in each show, makes me fill myself with strength to be able to give a show like the one you deserve. With all my heart, thank you.

Currently, Amanda Miguel and her daughter, Ana Victoria, are on a tour in memory of Diego Verdaguer, which is called: I will always love you and, thanks to the publications of the famous one, it is possible to know that it is a show full of love for the interpreter, it is even known that, at a certain moment, the Argentine singer appears on stage thanks to a projection.

Sources: Tribune, Twitter @amandamiguels

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