After user complaints: “Apple” adjusts the shape of the new battery indicator

Apple added a battery percentage indicator with the announcement of its new operating system.iOS 16‘, which quickly received criticism, with some calling for a better index. The criticism came as a result of the lack of change The battery icon looks when it’s low, it only shows the percentage, until you run out to less than 20 percent.

Old battery indicator.

This design decision made the indicator less useful, because in most cases the user relies on the shape of the battery to ascertain if it needs to be recharged.

New battery indicator.

Fortunately, it works “Camel” On an improved version of the code, it released the second beta version of “iOS 16.1Instead of the icon turning red when the battery is running low “Iphone” To less than 20 percent, it will gradually decrease like any other phone does.

The second trial also includes a lock screen tweak; When you connect your phone to charge it, the battery percentage indicator will appear briefly above the watch.

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