Ahead of the 30th Meeting at La Rinconada: Larry Mejías Shares Insights on his Three Mounts on Sunday

2023-08-03 00:03:45

Larry Mejías spoke with the Meridiano Web team on the morning of this Wednesday, August 2, at the La Rinconada racetrack to find out in detail about his three mounts that he will have on Sunday, August 6, at the thirtieth meeting of tests.

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Larry in the first race you will ride Lord English who returns after 49 days without racing, how was his adjustment?

-With Lord Inglés of the trainer Fernando Parilli, I have not had the opportunity to work on this horse. Today, I watched him adjust with his canter and he did quite well. The trainer Parilli told me that the horse is in excellent condition.

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For the My Own Business (G3) Clásico, you will drive the three-year-old Alcaraz with the preparation of Juan Carlos García Mosquera. How was his adjustment?

-I was able to work this horse last week. Today Wednesday I adjusted it. The three-year-old is doing quite well, he is training very well, he is in good spirits and we will try to have a very good race with this horse.

The adjustment was very good, the horse was well preserved, he adjusted as the trainer wanted it and he was prepared for the race.

The whip Larry Mejías in the arena of La Rinconada. Photo: Cesar Suarez

Larry to culminate your commitment you will do it in the third valid of the 5y6 with Hermano Juancho trained by Yanir Hurtado. How was the adjustment for this valid test?

-This horse is doing very well. I had the opportunity to work on it last weekend. He is a six-year-old who is undoubtedly going to compete very well.

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How are you doing with your preparation, your health above all and how have you observed the expectations in the second meeting here in La Rinconada, in addition to commenting on your next goals in the coming months?

-Well, thanks for asking about my health, which is the most important thing. I’m pretty good thank God.

With regard to my preparation, look, believe me that now, thank God, I am in good shape, I am adapting to this system, which, as you know, is quite difficult, but thank God things are turning out quite well. Very happy with the people who have been supporting me, believe me it is progressing and I am receiving a lot of support from trainers and owners.

Larry of his three commitments. What is your fixed 5 and 6 for the equestrian fans?

-As I always say, I try to do the best job possible with all my horses, whether he is a favorite or not, but this time I have great expectations with the horse Hermano Juancho.

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