Ahmed Khamis reveals the truth about his separation from his wife.. video

2023-09-11 05:05:02

Emirati journalist Ahmed Khamis explained the truth about his separation from his wife, Mashael Al Shehhi, after he hinted two months ago about the difficulty of divorce, and sparked widespread controversy among his fans.

Khamis posted a video on his personal account on Instagram in which he answered the frequent question he received from followers about the fact that the divorce had occurred between him and his wife.

Khamis said: “The divorce did not happen until we went to the lawyer and signed the divorce papers,” indicating that this was because the matter was new to him.

Khamis added: “The issue of divorce is something new for me. I don’t know what the procedures are, I don’t know what I should do, and I don’t know how the matter suddenly happened,” contenting himself with a brief comment on the video: “Help me.”

Some fans considered that what he said was not a clear answer to the lack of separation, which prompted some to accuse him of trying to stir up controversy in order to increase the number of views.

Khamis sparked controversy after he hinted last July about the difficulty of divorce through a post on Instagram by commenting on a picture of himself, saying: “The worst thing in the world is divorce.”

Khamis shared with his fans the difficulty of his condition, calling on the audience to support him and not abandon him, through a story that he commented on, saying: “I was the one who posted the stories.. I went to sleep and woke up and saw your positive words.. I felt the feeling of the family’s fear.. May God not deprive me of you.. and be honest, do not leave me alone. “.

Khamis added: “I feel a great emptiness and it is difficult to describe the feeling in two words.. I don’t know what happened is right and wrong at the same time.. I don’t know why my heart hurts and I have a feeling of sadness and I want to cry, but if I cry I don’t know how to stop.. Help me.”

Meanwhile, Mashael Al-Shehhi posted a picture on her personal account on Instagram and commented, “Allah Nasir Al-Rabie” and did not answer the followers’ questions about the issue of her separation from her husband. The couple still keeps each of their pictures on Instagram, which led some to speculate that the matter has not officially happened yet.

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