Airbnb formalizes permanent ban on parties

Airbnb on Tuesday announced the codification of the permanent ban on parties, after they were suspended two years ago globally.

“The temporary ban has proven effective, and today we officially codify the ban as our policy,” the company said.

The specialist in the rental of accommodation between individuals has observed an annual drop of 44% in reports of parties.

The holiday reporting rate has fallen sharply in Quebec with a result of 61%, more than the national average of 47%, according to new data released on Tuesday.

The rate is relatively low in western Canada, while Alberta and British Columbia have seen reports drop by 40% and 36% respectively.

In 2021, some 6,600 people were suspended for trying to break temporary party ban rules, Airbnb said.

In the United States, Airbnb recalls having put in place special anti-party measures to deter offenders.

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