Facebook groups get a new look

Facebook groups will be inspired by Discord.

This week, Facebook announced new features for groups, directly inspired by Discord. Clearly, the social network will test a new interface.

Facebook groups will have a sidebar. Located on the left, its operation is quite similar to that of Discord. Concretely, this new sidebar will allow you to find your favorite groups more quickly. “It lists your groups and their latest activity, like new posts or threads you haven’t seen yet”, explains facebook. The user can also pin their favorite groups to make them appear first, discover new groups or even create their own.

Also to be expected: a new menu. It will present events or even shops, in order to “make it easier to connect with other people around the topics that interest you”. For instance, “if you want quick access to the latest recipes from your cooking group, you can now pin it to the top of the list, find related groups, and get inspired to start your own”illustrates the post.

Another feature will allow administrators and members to enter and exit audio conversations in real time. In other words, Facebook groups will offer an audio space in which users can interact in real time.

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