Alberto Fernández will come on December 16 to inaugurate the Nuclear Medicine Center


Alberto Fernández will come on December 16 to inaugurate the Nuclear Medicine Center

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandezwill come to Formosa on December 16 to inaugurate the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center “Néstor Kirchner”. This was announced on his social networks after having met with the governor, Gildo InsfranThursday night.

“This is a work that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner began in her government, which was paralyzed for four years and which we were able to conclude during our administration”wrote Fernández, noting that this center means “more health and a better quality of life for the sisters and brothers from Formosa.”

It should be remembered that the “Néstor Kirchner” Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Center is already in operation and currently has more than 80 patients. Insfrán himself had already said in August, during an operation “For Our People, Everything” in the Mariano Moreno neighborhoodthat the inauguration will be “a political fact, because in practice the establishment is already working and treated its first patients.”

“It was something unthinkable for those who suffered or had or have a relative with this disease. What this means is that they will not need to travel anywhere, they will be treated here”, highlighted the president at that time.

It should be remembered that recently, the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzottivisited the facilities of the Center and on the occasion the governor confirmed that only “the question of protocol” remained.

“We want it to be a transcendental event, as it deserves, that is why we want this inauguration to have the presence of our highest authorities,” he had said, something that is confirmed by the announcement of the presidential visit.


Insfrán met on Thursday night with President Fernández, with whom he analyzed the situation in the province and the public policies carried out by the national government.

The meeting was held around 8:00 p.m. at the Government House, and the President himself published images on his social networks, highlighting the issues addressed at the meeting, “for the benefit of our people.”

For its part, Insfrán detailed yesterday in its networks that they analyzed “the joint policies between the federal and provincial State that we are developing in our territory”.

He indicated that these actions between the Nation and the Province are “to improve the quality of life of all Formoseñas and Formoseñas.”

Subsidy segmentation

In another order, the Governor and the Secretary of Energy of the Nation, Flavia Royonsigned the agreement for the implementation of the segmentation of subsidies to residential users of public electric power services established by Decree 332/2022, for the province of Formosa.

“With this we seek to achieve reasonable energy values ​​and susceptible to being applied with criteria of justice and distributive equity”explained the first provincial president.

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