Alcohol, tobacco then cannabis remain the primary reasons for consultation in Csapa

2024-02-29 10:22:32

In 2021, more than half of the patients who came to seek help in Csapa consulted because of their alcohol and/or tobacco consumption, 17% for their cannabis consumption (i.e. nearly 27,000), and 26 % for illicit substances (opioids, cocaine, medications other than therapeutic uses, etc.). Focus on the 2021 annual report via the Common Compendium on Addictions and Care (Rescap).

The French Observatory on Drugs and Addictive Tendencies (OFDT) presents the results of patients consulting in addiction care, support and prevention centers (Caspa).

In 2021, 132 (Csapa) participated in the Recap system (common collection on addictions and care), out of a total number of around 500 Csapa, counting their different branches, making it possible to analyze the characteristics of more than 81 000 patients, including nearly 27,000 patients seen for the first time.

– The total active queue for 2021 is estimated at around 210,000 people, including more than 71,000 new patients.

– The median age of patients is 40 years old, and three-quarters of them are men.

– More than half of patients consult because of their alcohol and/or tobacco consumption, 17% of patients consult for their cannabis consumption (i.e. nearly 27,000), and 26% of patients consult for illicit substances other than cannabis (i.e. approximately 41,000 patients).

– Treatment for addiction without a product – with 5,796 patients, or 3.6% of patients – remained stable relative to 2020, but the proportion of women is increasing significantly. – The total number of patients admitted to CSAPA in 2021 (210,665) appears to be up compared to 2020 (203,078). This is explained, in part, by the decrease in attendance at CSAPAs in 2020, due to the health crisis during which many services closed temporarily and/or restricted the collective reception of patients.

Characteristics of people supported in CSAPAs in 2021, note, OFDT, 2024 in pdf

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