Alexis Vega is very close to renewing with Chivas

John Manuel Figueroa

Guadalajara / 03.05.2022 23:34:11


Chivas y Alexis Vega negotiations resumed and now they are very close to reach an agreement to sign the renewal of the rojiblanco striker.

When everything seemed lost and the Gru would be left with the possibility of listening to teams from June, the Guadalajara board of directors walked a lot and at any moment they will announce that Vega is staying at the club.

Little details are what separate the ad from Vega de Chivasand it will be a matter of a couple of talks to be able to become official.

Now It will be a contract of at least 3 years with image and performance clause.

Europe, its clear objective

Vega’s intention is to sign with Chivas to be able to go to Europe; the PSV does want the strikerand by having an agreement with the Sacred Flock the exit will be easier.

Chivas prepares the surprise for his fans, so the announcement can be made soon.

Alexis’ contract ends in Decemberthat’s why the urgency to renew it, but everything got stuck and it’s gone.

When stagnating, there were teams like Rayados that showed interest in Vega, who will continue as rojiblanco.

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