Alfa Romeo F1 representative, “give time” without worrying about the adaptation of Guanyu Zhou[F1-Gate .com]

Alfa Romeo F1 team representative Frederick Vasul is optimistic that Guanyu Zhou, the only rookie driver in 2022, will be able to adapt quickly to F1.

Guanyu Zhou, the first Chinese F1 driver to step up from F2 this year, will partner with veteran Valtteri Bottas in Alfa Romeo F1. Alfa Romeo F1 will be the only team of all teams to swap two drivers this year with new regulations.

“Also, I mainly have to prepare new machines and there aren’t many tests … I only have 3 days of testing for each driver. But I think he’s a smart person. He has a good approach. “

“F1 is a big challenge, but he showed in F2 that he has a rational, orderly approach.”

“When he came to the Hinwil factory, he was very clear about various aspects. The level of competition in F1 is very high. He does not do 25 days of testing or practice before the season.

“But I’ll give him time to improve without putting pressure on the results.”

Frederick Vasul pointed out recent examples of other drivers who stepped up to F1 in preparation for the rookie season, primarily using simulator work, as test times have been reduced in recent years.

“Looking at the last few seasons, it seems to work for young kids,” added Frederick Vasul.

“Max (Verstappen) entered F1 without a big background. Charles (Leclerc) did well in the first season. (George) Russell and (Lando) Norris also did well in the first season.”

“There’s a different tool, the simulator, but I think young kids are much more mature than they were 20 years ago.”

Frederick Vasul can maximize what the rookie can do by emphasizing how enthusiastic he is in starting the molding of Guanyu Zhou and helping him quickly get used to the new environment. I am confident.

“I am confident that I can improve the skills of young drivers and I want to do that,” said Frederick Vasul.

“I’ve spent my life doing it in the past. I push like hell to get the most out of the lap, and I think he has a very good approach. Positive and very systematic. “

Alfa Romeo F1 representative,

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