Ali Kakoli reveals the scenes of the song “Al Hadi”

Share the artist Ali Kakoli Followers of his Instagram account are part of the scenes of filming his new song.calm down“.

And the work of words Mustafa HassanIt was composed by Dr. Mustafa Al-Assal, and it was a great success, as it achieved 1.9 million views after its release.

Kakoli published a video clip from behind the scenes filming the song, and commented on it: “Behind the scenes, I am calm. It was a beautiful day in every sense of the word.. Thank you to all those who worked on the work, and this was the most beautiful and bright, God willing.. Thank you all without exception, all of you. You were great, thank you.”

The song’s lyrics say:

My worries I will sell for free, and I will not buy another worries, and if my beloved hurts me, I will live it heroically alone, I will live it heroically alone, I will retire people, I will deal only lightly from tomorrow, my heart will not enter a guest, so who do you trust in this time, who is guaranteed, this is all I am I think that Moses would come out to Pharaoh with enough enough to suffice me with the reassurance of my blindness, this love is in the songs, and what comes to me I will settle for calm, and I will live in a mood from the prison of Taybeh, I will be released, and I will live in a mood, and I will be silent to prevent embarrassment, I will be patient for him and I will bear why, all who hurt me with these eyes, this and him I’m the one who comes to me and I’m calm, a wedge tree was thrown and everyone

He kept eating, they told me sorry, and they answered me with my feet in problems, and I swear to God that I did not find a coincidence or anyone explicitly, I will lock my heart with a lock that has no keys, enough is enough for me to bury my blindness. I will be released and I will live in a mood, and I will be silent to prevent embarrassment, I will be patient, why and I will bear why, everything that hurts me will hurt him, and this eye for an eye, I am the one who comes to me, and I will calm him down.”

Ali Kakoli is a Kuwaiti actor and singer, who has achieved great success in the theater, as he has proven himself on television, and in singing, as he has a beautiful voice and a distinguished presence. The views of his last song, titled “The Liar Puff”, exceeded 91 million on YouTube.

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