AMD Anti-Lag+: Resolving Gaming Account Locks and Improving Performance – Adrenaline Edition 23.10.2 Update

2023-10-18 06:13:16

AMD Anti-Lag+, the main feature of AMD’s new wave of graphics card driver additions, caused the anti-cheating programs built into games such as CS2 and Absolute Force 2 to interpret it as cheating, resulting in many players’ accounts being locked. Currently, AMD is still working with game developers While the dealer is solving the problem; before the problem can be solved, AMD launches the Software: Adrenaline Edition 23.10.2 driver, and directly uses Anti-Lag+ to avoid problems. The reason why Anti-Lag+ was judged as cheating is that it bypasses the dll of the game engine, causing the anti-cheating mechanism of the game to be triggered; AMD is currently working with game developers to ensure that Anti-Lag+ is no longer considered cheating, and is also trying to find ways Help players whose accounts have been locked due to misjudgment to unlock, but AMD has not yet announced when Anti-Lag+ will be back online. In addition to disabling Anti-Lag+, Software:Adrenaline Edition 23.10.2 also resolves Starfield game crashes and certain models showing crashes when MSAA or FSR is enabled in CS2.

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