Driving a supercar to take lions for a walk, young people cause chaos on the streets of Thailand

On January 21, Thai social networks were “uplifted” by a video showing a man driving a convertible Bentley supercar on the street. However, what surprised netizens was the image of the lion cub blatantly sitting in the back seat. In the video posted with the caption: “This is Pattaya!”, viewers can see the lion wearing … Read more

Woman drives 5 hours to meet boyfriend… Park Myung-soo “I was crazy like that once too”

2023-11-08 06:09:56 Money Today Reporter Chae Tae-byeong | 2023.11.08 15:09 Comedian Park Myung-soo. / Photo = Money Today DB Broadcaster Park Myung-soo revealed his past history to radio listeners who said he was in a long-distance relationship. On the 8th, singer Baekga and model Jeong Hyeok appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM radio’s ‘Park … Read more

AMD Anti-Lag+: Resolving Gaming Account Locks and Improving Performance – Adrenaline Edition 23.10.2 Update

2023-10-18 06:13:16 AMD Anti-Lag+, the main feature of AMD’s new wave of graphics card driver additions, caused the anti-cheating programs built into games such as CS2 and Absolute Force 2 to interpret it as cheating, resulting in many players’ accounts being locked. Currently, AMD is still working with game developers While the dealer is solving … Read more

Tragic Car Accident in Taigu District: Zhu Nan’s Son Fatally Struck – Latest Updates and Investigation

2023-09-07 01:51:51 Zhu Nan bumped and killed his son. (Picture / Recap from Weibo / Headline News) In Taigu District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, a car hit people yesterday (6th). A man surnamed Zhu drove his car into the funeral home of his mother-in-law because of an argument with his wife, killing a male customer … Read more

Unfair Traffic Violation Reporting: Clearing Misconceptions and Defending Drivers’ Rights

2023-08-17 03:17:22 The driver surnamed Zhang complained to this newspaper, suspecting that a whistle-blower deliberately created an “incivility violation incident” and only stretched out one foot to take a “group photo” with the vehicle with a wide-angle lens, which is obviously a crime. (Photo/provided by the public) In order to sweep away the stigma of … Read more