AMD’s RDNA 2 is quietly coming to budget laptops

In September, AMD introduced some of the first mobile chips from its upcoming Ryzen 7000 lineup, the budget-oriented “Mendocino” series. Initially billed as suitable for the “everyday laptop,” it combines second-generation CPU cores with cutting-edge RDNA 2 graphics.

RDNA 2 is a great opportunity to be widely available at a budget price, powering typically more expensive hardware and PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. But Acer and the Aspire Series 3: Mendocino have announced only one launch partner. Since then, we’ve mainly heard of the Mendocino series.

On the website, Lenovo does not appear to have Mendocino models in the US market. (Prospective American shoppers, however, will have a few other countries to look up to models, including the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.) samples Lenovo Store in Hong Kong Starting from the equivalent of 437 USD.

And most importantly, it is always nice to have good technology at a low price. Just having rDNA 2 doesn’t help Microsoft Flight Simulator Easy uplift, we definitely expect most sports to be more playable on the Mendocino hardware than on any other budget laptop. The shortcomings of Intel chips (in terms of performance and performance) make it difficult to pick up decent budget laptops from this year’s class. The more AMD’s you can find for less, the better.

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