an Ivorian ministerial delegation arrived in Bamako

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An Ivorian delegation landed this Thursday, December 22 in Bamako to meet the Malian authorities and discuss the case of the 46 Ivorian soldiers detained in the country. It will once again be under Togolese mediation.

With our correspondent in the region, Serge Daniel

It is the Minister of State for Defence, Téné Birahima Ouattara, who leads the Ivorian delegation. It also includes at least one other Ivorian minister as well as a close associate of the president, Alassane Ouattara.

Robert Dussey, Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs, is also expected in Bamako this Thursday. Togo is mediating in the case of 46 Ivorian soldiers detained in the Malian capital for five months. According to our information, the Togolese mediation could propose to the two parties a reformulation of a memorandum of understanding within the framework of the release of the Ivorian soldiers.

Meeting with Assimi Goïta

But this visit should above all allow Ivorian and Malian officials to speak to each other directly to move the file forward. This is what was missing, recognizes a senior official in Bamako.

A visit by the Ivorian delegation to the president of the Malian transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta, is announced. Still according to our information, it is not at all excluded that Bamako will accept that its hosts also visit the 46 detained Ivorian soldiers.

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